Recording and Analyzing Marine Mammal Sounds (Free SIG)

  • Sunday, April 16, 2023
  • 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM
  • Electronic & Technical Arts Studio at BARN. Class Code: EL041623JH+
  • 8


  • Free

Learn how to listen to and record marine mammals in your area in this marine mammal Special Interest Group.

About this Event

As a follow-up to the Marine Mammals tech talk, Jim Henderson and Dave Bonnett will describe how the local community can collect data in their own backyard - Puget Sound - using hydrophones with wireless data transmitters.

For more information on this Marine Mammal project, read more here.


  • Free, but please register. 
  • This event is planned for the Electronic & Technical Arts Studio on the upper floor.

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Jim Henderson spent his civilian career exploring the world’s oceans while doing highly complex technical and scientific projects. He was an Air Force pilot in Vietnam where he had is first opportunity talking on radios. He has built various radio-related projects for use when fly fishing and exploring remote locations in the western US. He is active in HAM radio (K7EXP) and is a trustee of the island's Amateur Radio Club.

Dave Bonnett trained in electronics and flew as crew Radioman/Nav and ASW systems operator in long-range patrol squadrons. He served on a number of nuclear submarines before retiring from the Navy in 1979 and has worked in underwater acoustics in most of the world's oceans for several companies.  Since retirement in 2005, he has studied marine mammals in the Amazon (Pink River Dolphins) and helped analyze the acoustics of various marine mammals including blue, sperm, and killer whales. He's studying the impact of man-made noise on marine mammals. 

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