Glass Arts: Coldworking Intensive

  • Saturday, May 13, 2023
  • 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
  • BARN's Glass Studio, Class Code GL051323JM
  • 2



Coldworking is a way of altering and sculpting glass once cold - from seaming edges to complete transformations.

About this Class

In this class, you will learn in-depth, different approaches to the belt sander, wet saw, and hand lapping - and discuss the potential of each technique. You will learn how to bring rough-ground surfaces to a full polish and talk about the aesthetic possibilities of leaving a surface matte.

We also will cover glass glues and their possibilities in an artist’s work.

The class will include a safety talk and demos on each machine. We will walk through the rules of what tool to use for what purpose and have time on the machines to get our projects 

Then we will focus on becoming familiar with each machine and have an opportunity to ask for specific demos and tips. You will gain the most from this class if you come with some of your own glass and a plan or some sketches on the potential alterations you're interested in making.

This class will include many tips and techniques to help make you more comfortable and skilled at successfully finishing projects.


  • Wear close-toed shoes and long pants in the Glass Studio at all times.

Class Policies


Jeff Miller is educated in architectural design and extensively experienced in the use of power tools. His retirement has provided opportunities to explore ways to improve the predictability of glass design and woodworking projects.

"Both during initial cutting and fabrication of glass projects and final finishing of fired pieces, the studio's power tools can greatly enhance the beauty and usefulness of your design," he says. 

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