Teen Night @ BARN

  • Friday, April 15, 2022
  • 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
  • BARN 8890 Three Tree Lane NE, Bainbridge Island, WA

High schoolers, come on down to BARN for an evening of games, friends, music, and creativity!  You're not going to want to miss it. You'll get to choose from activities like cooking, woodworking, sewing, jewelry-making, metal-working, and more - every month is a different lineup. You can also just hang out and chill or work on your own projects.  

No registration is required, but teens will be asked to sign in and provide a parent's phone number and email address upon arrival.  

This month we are having a fun spring celebrations theme for our event! Here are some of the activities we will have:

Macramè Holder ProjectLearn how to make a macrame holder for your favorite water bottle or a potted plant.

Open Mic / Youtube Studio - Come capture your skills and ideas on video! We will set up and operate a camera, a series of microphones and capture your skills in a 10 minute block. You'll leave with a video file that you can post to social media, or further manipulate in editing software. Activities like:
  • Podcast style interviews: Current events, skills, hobbies, etc.  (up to 4 people total)

  • Performing music  (2 people total)

  • Doing standup comedy

  • Doing skit or scene 

  • Demonstrating art/craft skills

  • Recording a speech

  • Reciting poetry

  • Showing off some kind of skill or talent

Please, share your plans/gear needs with us in advance, send an email to: media.lead@bainbridgebarn.org

Deviled eggsLearn how to make eggscellent deviled eggs for spring celebrations.

Fused Glass EggsCreate a fused glass spring egg hanging ornament. 

ID Zine's with BIMA - Join BIMA and create a mini "ID Zine" all about you! Express yourself with collage, stickers, and writing, then swap your zine with a friend to learn more about them.

Kite-making class - Come and learn how to build your own kite.

Copper stamped keychains - You can stamp whatever you want on your and we will have different shapes to choose from. 

Woodcarving -

Learn how to use a special carving knife and make cute bunnies. 

Plasma cuttingWatch sparks fly as you cut a piece of steel with a jet of hot plasma, making a shape of your choice.

  • No pre-registration is required, although all students will need to sign in upon arrival. 
  • Vaccination is required.  Masks are optional in common spaces, but may be required in studios for some of the activities
  • Questions: contact Any Torres at BARN at 206-842-4475 x224 or email: AnyT@bainbridgebarn.org

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