Paper Voodoo: The Magic of Transforming Paper

  • Saturday, February 03, 2018
  • 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • BARN Book Arts/Print Studio, Class Code:BO0218LM
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Alchemy? Magic? Voodoo?  Who knows the correct term for the incredible paper that comes out of simple Washi and Konnyaku powder?  Whatever you call it, it produces wonderful, incredibly versatile paper...or is it fabric?

In this workshop we’ll be using konnyaku to strengthen and soften Japanese washi (paper) for use as cloth, collage, sculpture and interesting book forms.  Konnyaku is the powdered root of a perennial plant in Japan known by any of several names, including, voodoo lily, snake palm, elephant yam, and, devil’s tongue. Wa (Japanese) + shi (paper) = washi.  Add Konnyaku to Washi paper and you get momigami, a water resistant, very strong paper that can be folded, sewn, glued and more!

You will go home with a simple book with your momigami (or paper supplied by Linda). Based on a Hedi Kyle structure, this simple elegant structure employs the unique qualities of crinkled paper. It is a single section sewn into a soft cover with rolled edges.  You'll also get a recipe size container of Konnyaku to take home and Japanese papers (Mingei / Kyoseishi / Mura Binsen / Tatami / Watermark Tissue / Kozuke + more).  

The workshop will start off with a brief overview of Japanese paper (what makes it different from Western paper and various types of washi) as well as a video from from recent trip to Japan during paper making season. 

There will be a $20 materials fee which will be added to the cost of the class when you register.

Instructor BIO: Linda Marshall, who operates Washi Arts, is a creative designer with a background in corporate and non-profit communications, strategy, design and marketing. Her lifelong interest in the design arts comes from a multi-media artist mother and an engineer father, as well as a creative education in interior architecture and brand advertising design. With a strong passion for books and paper, Linda has been an avid admirer of printers, book artists, printmakers, artists and creative thinkers. 

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