Incubator Series: Ignite your Food or Beverage Business Passion KI1017CS

  • Tuesday, October 10, 2017
  • 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
  • BARN Kitchen Arts Studio, 8890 Three Tree Lane, BI WA 98110
  • 5


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Are you ready to take your passion for your food or beverage brand to the next level and turn it into a viable business? Then sell it for millions and retire to the mountains or onto a sailboat? 


Well thats going take some planning and wisdom to navigate those tricky shark infested waters of brand building, sales and marketing.


This class will show you

▪ How to brand your product
▪ The top 5 tips needed for labeling and pricing 
▪ What mapping the future of your brand looks like
▪ How to think like a retailer when managing your brand in the marketplace
▪ The strategies on how to get the most traffic and sales from your farmers market stall
▪ What it takes to put you brand into distribution
▪ Answer your questions: Chip will talk about finding your passion and then will talk with you about yours.



Chip Sellarole is currently a Seattle based consultant who helps people take their dreams off the bucket lists and onto calendars. Bringing dreams to life and teaching real-life strategies to execute on those dreams is what Chip is most passionate about.

Chip brings real life experience to his lectures because he actually built a brands, sold them and bought a sailboat and took off for 3 years. But Chip also comes with a ton of experience working in the wine and spirits business for over 34 years, from sales/marketing and retail ownership to management and distribution.


The BARN Kitchen Arts incubator series provides insights on how to move the dream of a food based idea onto the tarmac ready to take off.

No materials fee 

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