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  • Friday, September 01, 2017
  • 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM
  • BARN Kitchen Arts Studio, 8890 Three Tree Lane, BI WA 98110
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Sophia Worgan of Bob's Red Mill will be cooking and talking about the new book called Grains of Discovery.  This will be a chance to meet her and learn how to make some of the dishes in the book.

Sophia Worgan, coordinator and lead instructor of Bob’s Red Mill Cooking School, will stop by the BARN to teach a class on everyday ancient grains! Following years of all-purpose flour being king of the crop, ancient grains are feeling a bit of a renaissance. Ancient grains are the trendy kids of the grain world- and for good reason! These amazing grains have vital nutrients, amazing protein and fiber contents and offer a more unique flavor profile. The recipes featured in class, will showcase how you can make ancient grains into show-stopping dinners any night of the week.

Recipes will include roasted cauliflower and carrots over a quinoa pilaf topped with fried lemon and tahini caper sauce, Toasted millet, corn, sausage and zucchini with a cilantro avocado dressing and an amaranth beet risotto with goat cheese, pistachio, dill and cucumber.

Sophia’s Bio:

After pursuing a masters of nutrition, specializing in community education and cooking, Sophia Worgan began working for Bob’s Red Mill as their cooking school coordinator. Through Bob’s, she is able to share her passion for healthy, whole foods with the local community through cooking and eating. Deeply believing in the ‘food as medicine’ philosophy, Sophia loves to showcase nutrition through seasonal menus, vibrantly colored produce and delicious flavors.

Throughout her professional development, Sophia has worked in many kitchen settings. From professional to catering, each experience has given her a unique skill set which allows her to approach cooking and teaching from a student’s perspective. She strives to always keep classes fun, entertaining and knowledgeable- with a Lucile Ball flair!

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