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    • Thursday, January 30, 2020
    • Friday, January 31, 2020
    • 2 sessions
    • Glass Studio, Class Code GL013020DB+
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    A-Z of Fused Glass class is an introduction to working with fused glass and an orientation to the safety and operation policies of the Glass Arts Studio. Successful completion of this class will allow you to use the Glass Studio during Monitored or Open Studio Access for your own projects.

    Included in the A-Z of Fused Glass is instruction on studio safety, fused glass basics, glass cutting, hand tool use, small equipment use (grinders, ring saws), glass mold preparation, kiln use and two fused glass projects.

    This is a two-session class held on two consecutive afternoons. 

    During Day 1 students will be given an orientation on studio safety, and use of basic glass tools. You will practice glass cutting, glass grinding, and use of the ring/slicer saws. A discussion will follow on how to build fused glass pieces including glass choices and design elements.  Before the end of Day 1 you will incorporate the day’s lessons and create four small pieces that can be used as coasters or small dishes.

    On Day 2 students will review their first fused projects and then move on to cutting circles in order to create a bowl. The structure of the day’s class is designed to walk you through choosing glass and design elements, and filling out the appropriate studio forms to complete your bowl project through the firing phase. During Day 2 you will learn about kiln use, molds and mold prep. You will have the opportunity to use the grinders and ring saws to complete your project. 

    Projects will be available for pick-up from the studio at a later date to accommodate the second firing of the bowls. That later date and details will be announced during the class.

    The material fee covers the cost of glass and glass elements used in creating your projects, and kiln shelf paper required for firing your projects.

    Instructors:  Diane Bonciolini, Constance Ducar, and Nancy Adams
    Remember to wear close-toed shoes & long pants in the Glass Studio at all times! This is a strictly enforced safety policy. Thank you.

    • Saturday, February 01, 2020
    • Sunday, February 02, 2020
    • 2 sessions
    • Glass Studio, Class Code GL020120DT
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    Learn basic mosaic skills as you make a mosaic mirror for your home. This two day hands on beginner level class will introduce you to the basics of creating and grouting indoor mosaics out of vitreous glass tiles, gems, and/or sheet glass scraps. 

    We will cover materials, design, cutting, setting on a wood base, grouting as well as the difference between indoor vs. outdoor mosaics.

    You will take home a completed 10" x 10" mirror using the glass elements you have chosen.


    • Tools will be provided. 
    • You are encouraged to bring your own small glass and ceramic pieces for possible inclusion in your mirror.
    • A materials fee of $25 included in the price of class, covers the wood framed mirror, sealant for the wood base, mastic adhesive, vitreous tiles, stained glass scrap, glass gems, hanging hooks, grout and colorants. 
    • Tuition assistance is available. Click here to apply.  
    • The Glass Studio will provide safety glasses, gloves and dust masks for your personal safety.


    Darcy Thompson - Artcycled Mosaics

    Darcy Thompson has taught mosaic classes for the Schack Arts Center in Everett, Bassetti Gardens in Woodinville as well as private classes. She has been a working artist for over 20 years and shows her work at a variety West Coast art shows including the Bainbridge Island Studio Tour as well as in various galleries. She is entirely self taught and loves to teach the varied steps in the process of re-purposing cracked or broken plates into fun and colorful mosaics for the home and garden.

    Remember to wear close-toed shoes & long pants in the Glass Studio at all times! This is a strictly enforced safety policy. Thank you.

    • Saturday, February 08, 2020
    • 11:00 AM - 3:30 PM
    • BARN Glass Studio, Class Code: GL020820WM
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    The Lampworking Basics class is an introduction to working with the torches and tools available in the Glass Arts Studio. The instructor will demonstrate and then guide you through very basic torchworking skills.  

    You will have time to practice pulling stringer from rod, creating a bead, or just melting glass to create shapes. This class also covers personal safety while operating the torches as well as studio safety and operational policies of the Glass Arts Studio.

    Successful completion of this class will allow you to use the torches in the Studio during Monitored or Open Studio Access for your own projects.

    This is a one-day class. Any items left for annealing (heating the glass) can be picked up the next day. The class is 4 ½ hours long allowing time for a break. You are encouraged to bring a snack.

    The material fee (included in the price of class) covers the cost of glass rods and a fresh tank of liquid oxygen.

    Tuition assistance is available. Click here to apply. 

    Instructor:  William Miller grew up in Virginia and graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with his B.F.A. in Craft and Material Studies and a minor in Art History.  He has studied at the Pilchuck Glass School, Penland School of Craft, and the Studio at the Corning Museum of Glass.  The artist currently resides in Seattle where he works in the vibrant glassblowing community, is a talented cold worker, and continues to explore his artistic voice.

    Remember to wear close-toed shoes & long pants in the Glass Studio at all times! This is a strictly enforced safety policy.  For safety reasons, cotton clothing is advised when working with torches, and long hair should be pulled back.  Thank you.

    • Thursday, February 13, 2020
    • 1:00 PM - 3:30 PM
    • BARN Welding Studio, Class Code: WE021320HS
    • 3

    Join us in the welding shop to make a steel display for your glass art. 

    Instructors from the Glass Studio and the Welding Shop will assist you in making a display frame. This class will focus bending steel or brass rod to make frames similar to those pictured. This class will enable you to make either curved or rectilinear display frames.

    You will need to bring your glass pieces with you.

    Depending on time, skill, design, and number of students it may be possible to make more than one frame. There is a welding open studio from 4:00 to 7:00 following the class that provides an opportunity to make additional frames. The open studio is free but registration is required.

    The instructors will guide you through the tack welding or brazing required to make the frame.  Previous welding experience is not required.


    • Class is limited to 4 participants.  
    • There is a materials cost of $7 per frame.  One frame is included in the class registration cost. If you would like to make more frames please bring cash or check made out to BARN to purchase the supplies for the additional frames.
    • Tuition assistance is available. Click here to apply.
    • Participants must wear natural fiber clothing, long pants, closed-toe shoes (natural fiber or leather preferred), no stretch fabrics, and long hair tied back. This is a  safety policy. Thank you!

    Instructors:  Nancy Adams, Henry Sharpe, Jodi Kelly


    • Saturday, February 22, 2020
    • Sunday, March 01, 2020
    • 4 sessions
    • Glass Studio, Class Code GL
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    This advanced class is for experienced fusers and is designed to take your glass skills to a new level.  You will learn various techniques utilizing the vitrigraph kilns to make stringer and murrine that you will incorporate into three projects. 

    Day 1 of class you will learn vitrigraph kiln basics including color management, the different techniques for pulling cane and stringer, and recognizing hollows in cane.  The rest of the day you will be pulling cane and stringer and begin cutting the cane into murrini for your first project.

    Day 2, you will incorporate the cut murrine and sheet glass into a project of your own design.  Once the first project is in the kiln, the class will work in teams to pull more stringer for the second project.  The second half of the day begins with a discussion designed to simplify the complex appearance of the 3D chevron technique which is the second project.  You will design a pattern and arrange your stringer on sheet glass and load it into the kiln for firing.

    Day 3 requires the greatest skill level.  You will be precisely cutting your 3mm patterned glass into thin strips, and coldworking the strips using the belt sander or lap wheel to ensure edges fit tightly together.  You will then thoroughly clean and assemble the strips into a pleasing chevron pattern of your choice. 

    Day 4 you will have time to finish up the work from Day 3 and then create a third project utilizing sheet glass and leftovers from both the murrine and chevron projects.  Projects from Day 3 and 4 will be fired at the end of class.


    • The class schedule does not include time for slumping pieces.  Items can be left in the Studio to be slumped and then picked up on an arranged date.
    • Due to the unpredictability of this class, scheduled time may be exceeded.  Please plan on staying later if need be to get the most out of this class.
    • The materials fee for this class is included in the cost of class and covers all equipment, glass, fiber paper, shelf paper, and Zyp. The studio will have some strip cutting systems available for use.
    • Tuition assistance is available. Click here to apply. 
    • The class is long and intensive so bring a lunch and snacks.  There is a microwave and a refrigerator to store your items. 

    About our Instructor:  Fyodor Zubanov is a physicist who for the past 26 years has used his artistic and technical skills working for Microsoft, and is currently a manager in Microsoft Services.  Five years ago he gave his wife a kiln for her birthday.  He quickly found glass addictive, and together they started Games of Colors where they create and sell their work.  Fyodor constantly studied fusing glass techniques on-line, in books and classes, and finally developed the Chevron Technique.  He has written two e-books on his technique and we are fortunate to have him teach at BARN. 


    Remember to wear close-toed shoes & long pants in the Glass Studio at all times! This is a strictly enforced safety policy. Thank you.

    • Monday, March 23, 2020
    • Monday, March 30, 2020
    • 2 sessions
    • BARN Woodshop Studio, Class Code: WO+GL032320CD+NA+DK
    • 5

    Make an elegant address sign for your home as you learn basic skills in working with glass and wood.

    The first day, you will make the tiles in the Glass Arts Studio. You will learn safety procedures for working with glass, how to arrange colored pieces of glass scrap on a base of glass, and to anticipate how it will all melt together to form a tile. If you don't want to cut and nip glass, it would probably be possible to create the tiles using existing shapes of the colored glass.

    The tiles will be fired between the class sessions so that on the following Monday, you can fame the tiles, giving you experience with hand saws, drills and finishing techniques. You will affix your tiles to marine plywood, using adhesive, then cut grooved cedar strips for a frame and attach it to the backing. You will sand the wood, apply clear finish to the cedar, and add a chain to the back so the sign is ready to hang — or wrap up as a gift — when you get home.


    • To register your youth please enter in the NAME field your first name then in parenthesis put the youth's first and last name (if different than yours). 
    • Please use parent/guardian email address when registering so that notifications will reach you.
    • This is a beginning level class. No experience in working with glass or wood is necessary. This class is for current 7th and 8th graders.  
    • Snacks will be provided at the beginning of each class. 
    • Please complete and return this minor permission form.
    • Tuition assistance is available. Click here to apply.  
    • BARN reserves the right to cancel this class in the case of low enrollment and would notify families of this decision one week prior to the start of the class.  A full refund would be given.
    • If you have any questions, email
    • Wear closed-toe shoes and tie back long hair.
    Instructors: Nancy Adams and Constance Ducar will teach the session in the Glass Arts Studio. Denise Kircher will teach the woodworking session.
    • Sunday, March 29, 2020
    • 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
    • BARN 8890 Three Tree Lane NE Bainbridge Island, WA

    Be a Maker for a Day!

    Enjoy an afternoon of creative hands-on activities in BARN's 10 artisan studios.  It's free, and open to all ages.

    For more information contact:

    • Friday, November 20, 2020
    • 7:00 PM - 11:30 PM
    • BARN Wide Event

    BARN will be closed and the front and back doors locked down to both Members and Non-Members beginning at 7:00 PM on Friday night as we begin preparations for the Bazaar at BARN.

    Doors will reopen to all on Saturday, at 8:00 AM.

    If you have questions, please contact Carla our Membership Coordinator at

    • Saturday, November 21, 2020
    • 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM
    • BARN wide event- No classes scheduled
    The BARN Bazaar is a new Bainbridge Island holiday tradition featuring a wide variety of art, crafts, and artisan foods, all made by hand. Buy direct from the maker at this annual celebration of the creativity that happens all year round at BARN. From jewelry to wood arts, basketry to weaving, you’ll find an unmatched selection of original handmade items.

    Kick off the holidays in homegrown style. Join us for a day of shopping, food, and community!

    BARN members wishing to participate in this event must be a member for a minimum of 3 months (must join by August 31st) to participate. You can contact Carla Mackey at for an application which will be available TBD.

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